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Zhu Baoguo Won the TNC Oak Leaf Award

2018/12/26 16:45
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On the night of June 21, 2017, Mr. Zhu Baoguo, the Chairman of Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. and a member of the The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Great China Council, received the TNC-Oak Leaf Awardin recognition of his remarkable contributions and outstanding leadership to nature conservancy at the 2017 Volunteer Leadership Summit of TNC in Washington DC. Mark Tercek, President of TNC, presented the award to Mr. Baoguo.



The Award Committee spoke highly of Zhu's efforts in nature conservancy. The committee said, "Mr. Zhu joined the TNC Great China Council in 2010. While providing strong financial support to TNC's programs, he has spent a lot of time and energy on council management. He has provided innovative and pioneering leadership in the development of TNC in China, and given specific instructions to the TNC team. All of his contributions show his great enthusiasm and strong sense of social responsibility for ecological environment protection."



As the first of three winners receiving the award, Zhu said, "I am honored to have witnessed and participated in TNC's ecological protection efforts in China. In China, TNC has provided scientific methods for ecological protection. With persistent attempts and efforts, the TNC team has made innovative achievements in the mechanisms and practices of protection. Meanwhile, TNC has directly or indirectly facilitated and influenced the cultivation and growth of Chinese nature conservancy organizations, such as the Paradise International Foundation.” His speech aroused bursts of applause. After he stepped down from the stage, TNC's council members and senior executives talked and shook hands with him to express congratulations.



The TNC Great China Council sent a congratulatory message. Niu Gensheng, founder of the Lao Niu Foundation and a member of the TNC Great China Council, said, "Mr. Zhu Baoguo has extended love from his wife to nature, showing his love is boundless. Loving people and things other than people shows an advanced stage of love." Pony Ma, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tencent, and a member of the TNC Great China Council said, "With great passion for environmental protection, Mr. Zhu Baoguo is a Chinese model entrepreneur with a strong sense of social responsibility.” Jack Ma, Chairman of the Alibaba Group and a member of the TNC Great China Council said, "Mr. Zhu Baoguo is not only a leader in China's health and pharmaceutical fields, but also a pioneer of the sustainable city and lifestyle. He is committed to protecting the environment in innovative ways, because he knows that our health and happiness start with and also end in our environment. He has made a remarkable contribution to China's environmental protection and is a model for us all."



Mark Tercek highly recognized and supported Zhu Baoguo's efforts in nature conservancy, saying that his acts are impelling more Chinese entrepreneurs to exhibit corporate social responsibility to make earth a better habitat for mankind. The award is not only a recognition of Zhu's personal contribution to China's environmental protection, but also the result of the collective wisdom and efforts of all the members of the TNC Great China Council, as well as the result of Chinese philanthropists' efforts in promoting the development of China's philanthropy through international platforms and best practices.