Legal Statement

Legal Statement


Welcome to the website of Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. Please carefully read the following statement before visiting this website. By visiting this website, you have agreed to comply with the relevant terms of use.


I. Interpretation

In this website, unless the context requires otherwise, the following expression shall have the following meaning.

“This website”: the website of Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc., both in Chinese and English.


II. Intellectual Property Right

Unless otherwise expressly noted, the copyrights of all of the information and pictures on this website belong to Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc., included but not limited to written reports, pictures, audios, videos, tables, marks, logo, advertisements, trademarks, domain name, software, programs, layout designs, column catalogues, product names, content classification standards, etc. This website enjoys exclusive rights and shall be protected by Chinese and international copyright laws.

No person or entity may edit, copy, plagiarize or trade any resource on the website for commercial purpose. Any violator will be held for corresponding legal liabilities.


III. Protection of Rights

If you were the copyright owner of a work published on this website, and/or the owner who can independently exercise the right to disseminate information on the internet according to the law, and your legal right was regarded being infringed, please notify Livzon Pharmaceutical Group in written form. However, you are liable for the authenticity of the written notification.


IV. Links

This website may link or refer to any third party website (the Third Party Websites). No content of the Third Party Websites is under the supervision or control of Livzon Pharmaceutical Group and Livzon Pharmaceutical Group does not recognize or guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, integrity or safety of such websites. Livzon Pharmaceutical Group will not be liable for any (indirect or direct) harm or loss arising from your use of or reliance on any content, product, service or the other materials obtained the Third Party Websites.


V. Information Release and Disclaimer

1、 All kinds of articles, advertisement, views expressed by visitors on this website, as well as the other content recommended by links are general information only for the purpose of reference and learning exchange. Nothing on this website shall be interpreted as making any comments or providing any advice. This website cannot and does not identify the authenticity of the content provided by all website users. There is no express or implied guarantee given by Livzon Pharmaceutical Group as to the authenticity or validity of the relevant contents, products and services thereof. This website and any affiliate of Livzon Pharmaceutical Group will not be liable for any activity that the visitor makes base on the information of this website.

2、Except for the terms of use specified on this website, this website will not be liable for any damages resulting from your access to or use of this website, including but not limited to any accident, negligence, libel, or infringement of copyright and intellectual property rights.


VI. Others

Any behavior from the visitors related to this website (included but not limited to browse, utilize, reprint and publicize the information from the website) should be in good faith and prudent; visitors should not intentionally or negligently damage any legitimate rights and interests of this website; you may not use this website to conduct any violation (directly or indirectly) to the laws of the People's Republic of China, international conventions, or social ethics.


VII. Applicable law

In the event of any legal dispute arising from the operation of this website, Zhuhai Municipal People's Court shall be the jurisdictional court.

Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. reserves all rights to explain, modify and update the relevant terms of use at any time.